About this blog

I am a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who explores and attempts to understand  dreams  in the therapeutic setting. In this blog, I hope to stimulate the interest of readers in their dreams and the ways they can be useful. I intend to write about various types of dreams and how they may provide the dreamer with information regarding their feelings, beliefs, behavior, physical functioning, problems, conflicts and decisions.

I also would like to create a dialogue with other mental health professionals who are interested in dreams and their role in treatment. I have recently published a book, “Dreaming: An Opportunity for Change” (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing). It describes the methodology I use for understanding and interpreting dreams with accompanying clinical examples. I have written a number of articles about dreaming in professional journals, some in collaboration with a colleague, Milton Kramer, M.D. who is a world renowned dream researcher. I would appreciate any questions, suggestions, topics for discussion, etc. regarding dreams from both non-professionals and clinicians.

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